Preferred Vendors

In today’s business landscape, companies rely on a variety of specialized vendors. Whether it’s for Employment Search, Benefits Administration, HRIS, HR Compliance, ACA Reporting, Payroll Solutions, PEOs, Legal Advisors and Tax Consultants.

Greene & Vaughan works with a great group of individuals and companies that we feel quite confident can make a difference in your organization, we think you should know of them.

Below is our resource directory of companies that you’ll find as subject matter experts worthy of consideration.

At – we believe that most companies AND candidates don’t really TELL or SHARE their story effectively. The industry has moved moderately to embrace technology and all that sight, sound, motion and emotion bring over traditional job posts and word resumes.

Our goal is to help bring great candidates to great opportunities. And we do that by bringing a way for EVERYONE to share their story in an engaging yet simple way of doing so.

In today’s business and litigation climate, clients are under increasing pressure to manage costs and maximize value.

The attorneys with the Law Office of Paul H. Bass are skilled at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a transaction or case and developing a strategy for achieving a client’s objective in the most cost-effective manner.